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TAD Choke 4H, 105 Ohm, for Fender®, Boogie® etc.

Product no.: TAD-125C1A

TAD 125C1A Choke, Fender®, Boogie® and other amps. 4H, 105ohm, 90mA.

29.90 / unit(s) *

Dumble overtone choke bobin 10H 120R 0.17A

Product no.: CHK-10H120017

Dumble overtone choke bobin 10H 120R 0.17A, chassis mount. Made in Spain, RoHS.

26.50 *
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Hammond choke 156R, 1.5h 200mA

Product no.: CHK-HA156R

Hammond choke 156R, 1.5h 200mA, Made in Canada.

14.95 *
Product data sheet
In stock

Choke HAMMOND 194A

Product no.: CHK-HA194A

Choke HAMMOND 194A. 4H, 50mA DC,+/-15%.

18.85 *
In stock

Choke HAMMOND 194B

Product no.: CHK-HA194B

Choke HAMMOND 194B. 4H, 90 mA DC,+/-15%.

20.50 *
Still in stock

Choke HAMMOND 194F

Product no.: CHK-HA194F

Choke HAMMOND 194F. 5H, 120 mA DC,+/-15%.

37.95 *
In stock

Hammond choke 159P, 10H 125mA

Product no.: CHK-HA159P

Hammond choke 159P, 10H 125mA, Made in Canada.

29.90 *
Product data sheet
In stock
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