Trimmer resistor, mainly Piher PT6 and PT10 trimmers.

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Product no.: POT-TRIM-PT6

Piher PT6 trimmer horizontal mount, vertical adjust. Made in Spain


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Product no.: POT-TRIM-PT10

PT10 10mm Vertical adjust, horizontal mount trimpot. Made in Spain


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Product no.: POT-MVR

Vertical adjustment potentiometer, taiwanesse copy of the Bourns 3296W trimpot.

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Product no.: TRIM-3362-OEM

Suntan adjustment trimpot. 5mm pitch between pins. Rohs, Made in taiwan

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Product no.: POT-3296Y-H

Horizontal adjustment potentiometer, taiwanesse copy of the Bourns 3296Y trimpot.

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Product no.: POT-TRIM-PT15

15 mm

Vertical adjust

Made in Spain


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Product no.: PT15LV18-25K

Piher PT15 4 pin trimpot for bias Adj. 25K

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