Sound Semiconductor SSI2164 (SSM2164), SO16 case.

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Sound Semiconductor SSI2164 (SSM2164) FATKEYS™ QUAD VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER , SO16 case. The SSI2164 is a new and popular clone of the old SSM2164. This high fidelity and high quality chip is the basis of many great synth modules.

  • Improved Direct Replacement for SSM2164/ V2164/AS2164D
  • Input Current Handling Increased 2x to 1mA
  • Pin-Selectable Class A or AB Operation
  • 118dB Dynamic Range (Class AB)
  • Low Distortion – Typical 0.025% (Class A)
  • Large Gain Range: -100dB to +20dB
  • ±4V to ±18V Operation
  • No External Trimming
  • Low Control Feedthrough – Typical -60dB

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