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Xicon Metal Film resistor 1/4W

Product no.: R-METAL1/4

Values from 1 ohm to 22Mohms

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Metal Film resistor 0207 0.6W

Product no.: R-METAL0.6-EC

Values from 1 ohm to 22Mohms

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Carbon film resistor 1/4W 5%, axial

Product no.: R-CF1/4W

Carbon film resistor 1/4W 250V 5% tolerance. Axial format, Ø2.3x6mm size.Values from 1 ohm to 33 Mohms.

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Xicon Carbon 1/2W 5%

Product no.: R-CARBON1/2
Xicon 0.5W 5% tolerance carbon resistor, RoHS.
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1/2W Carbon composition film.

Product no.: R-KAM1/2

Carbon composition resistors. 1/2w. 5% tolerance. 

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Carbon comp film resistor 1/4W 5% 1/4W 5%

Product no.: R-CCR025W

Japanese 1/4W carbon composition resistors. 1/4w. 5% tolerance. 

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Dale metal film CMF 1/2W

Product no.: R-CMF55

Vishay / Dale metal film resistor 1/4W 1%. CMF55 series, military specs. RoHS. Reduce hiss, grane and noise from your pedals changing an ordinary resistor. Ideel for filters, impedance adaptor and voltage dividers.

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Metal Film resistor "mini" 0.4W, Ø1.9x3.7mm

Product no.: R-MF0.4W

0.4W Metal Film resistor, "mini" size Ø1.9x3.7mm (very small size like a 1/8w). Values from 1 ohm to 22Mohms

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3W Metal oxide resistor

Product no.: R-MOX3W

3W Metal oxide resistor, Royal ohm.

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5W Wirewound resistor

Product no.: R-WIND5W

5W Wirewound resistor

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Metal Film resistor 2W

Product no.: R-METAL2W

Metal Film resistor 2W

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Power Metal resistor 3W

Product no.: R-METAL3W

Power Metal resistor 3W, 5% tolerance

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5W Ceramic Wirewound Resistors

Product no.: R-CAX5W

Values from 0.1 ohm to 100 Kohms. 5%

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10W Wirewound Resistors

Product no.: R-CERAMIC-10W

 Kohms. 5% tolerance.

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20W Wirewound Resistors

Product no.: R-CERAMIC-20W

 Kohms. 5% tolerance.

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5W 5% Wire-wound resistor, non flame

Product no.: R-WWR5W

5W Wirewound Resistor, Ø8.2x25mm, green ceramic coating. Excellent resistance to inflammation. Royal Ohm.

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5W Ceramic Snap in resistor

Product no.: R-CB5W

5W 5% tolerance wirewound ceramic snap in resistor. Mainly used in Marshall, Fender and Peavey amps.

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Arcol 150W aluminum housed resistor

Product no.: R-HS150

Arcol 150W aluminum housed resistor. 

150 watt aluminium housed power resistor. Manufactured to meet the requirements of MIL 15546 and IEC 115 and are of course RoHS compliant. Designed for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance

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Metal Plate resistor 5W, raster 10mm,

Product no.: R-MPR5W

5W Metal Plate non-inductive Resistor, 350V max working voltage, vertical mount, 10mm pitch. 

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5W Wirewound ceramic resistor, vertical mount, 5mm pitch,

Product no.: R-CERV-5W

5W Wirewound ceramic resistor, vertical mount, 5mm pitch, 5% tolerance. Made by Royal Ohm.

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Metal Film resistor

Product no.: R-METAL1W

Metal Film resistor 1W

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0.6W Metal film resistor kit (600pcs)

Product no.: KIT-RMETAL0.6W

0.6W metal film axial resistor kit. Values from 10 ohm to 10Mohm. 10 pcs each value.

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