Terminal strips

Terminal strips

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Product no.: S-STRIP-2LUG
2 Lug Kobiconn terminal block
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Product no.: S-STRIP-3LUG

3 Lug Kobiconn terminal block

1.39 *

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Product no.: S-STRIP-4LUG
4 Lug Kobiconn terminal block
1.98 *

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Product no.: S-STRIP-5LUG

5 way Kobiconn terminal block for point to point mounting. Chassis mount.

1.99 *

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Product no.: S-STRIP-6LUG

6 Lug Kobiconn terminal block

2.17 *

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Product no.: ACC-EYE-43

1/8" Keystone eyelets (3.2x2.4mm). Brass material, Bright Electro Tin, MIL-T-10727. Made in USA.

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Product no.: T-STM3X15

Pre-tinned soldering tag for chassis mount, ØM3x15mm. Ideally designed for chassis earth connections.

0.06 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: TAD-HR9205

Terminal strip 6 lug TAD code HR9205, central terminal connected to chassis. 66mm mounting holes.


2.25 *

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Product no.: TAD-HR9208

Terminal strip 8 lug TAD code HR9208, two terminals connected to chassis. 66mm mounting holes.


3.50 *

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Product no.: S-STRIPOEM2X28

A solder tag strip 2 x 28 way with hot-tinned brass tags and fixing holes at both ends.

4.75 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: S-STRIPOEM-5

Standard 5 way solder tag strip.

1.50 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: S-STRIPOEM2X18

A solder tag strip 2 x 18 way with hot-tinned brass tags and central fixing holes.

4.95 *

Currently unavailable

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